HYPER GOGO gokart for adults

How to Turn a Hoverboard into a Go Kart

Do you want to upgrade the old Christmas Gift hoverboard into a new gift such as a go kart?
Upgrading to a go-kart from a hoverboard can be a fun and exciting gift for kids. Go-karts offer a different type of experience and can provide a new level of excitement for children who are looking for a change.

HYPER GOGO shares simple guide for turning almost any hoverboard into a four-wheeled electric go-kart, let you get an authentic go kart racing experience.
To turn a hoverboard into a go kart, the go kart features a steering wheel with adjustable height, an anti-vibrating seat and a adjustable steel frame to fit children and adults and can be used with most self-balancing scooters of wheel sizes 6.5, 8.5 and 10 inches.


Step 1: Preparing the hover kart

First, we need to assemble the HYPER GOGO hoverboard attachment. HYPER GOGO Go Kart Kit, with a full go kart attachment, shock absorbers, disc brakes and more, this is the ultimate accessory to your hoverboard.

--- There are three different heights for you to adjust the steering wheel, assemble it according to your needs.

--- Adjust the height of go kart seat. There are three holes on the back of the seat, you can set the best height for yours.

Step 2: Attach the hoverboard

To secure the hoverboard to the go-kart, wrap the nylon tape around the hoverboard and the go-kart, making sure the nylon belt goes through the buckle at the end of the kart to tighten it.
Tips: Some customers feedback that the hoverboard is sliding to one side when riding go kart. Here is our suggestion: Please put a rubber gasket under the attached board of rear frame. Then connect the hoverboard with go kart.

Step 3: Done. The race is on!

Some tips on usage:
Pedals: Right is Throttle, Left is Brake
Topspeed pole: Pressing for accelerate, pulling up to decelerate.
Enjoy! The race is on!