Does HyperGoGo Go Kart fit all sizes of hoverboards?

Yes, it fits any standard size of hoverboards. You can easily connect any brand or any standard dimensions of hoverboard to Hyper GOGO Go kart.

How fast is Hyper GOGO Go Kart?

A Hyper GoGo Go kart is limited to the maximum speed of the hoverboard you use it with, but is also influenced by your driving style!
The top speed of most hoverboards, or electronic self balancing scooters, vary between about 5mph and 15mph. So you can easily go faster.

What special safety equipment is required?

You will need to wear a safety helmet which comes with Go Kart. You can also wear safety pads if feel necessary. 

What should I wear?

You should wear comfortable clothing and you must have closed-toe shoes. Feel comfortable and drive easy.

Can Hoverboard Go-Karts be used indoors?

Yes, because the Go-Karts are all electric and have no gas, no oil. The karts can be used at indoor large enough area to accommodate the track size you want.