Hurley Hybrid-Bicycles Amped Single Speed E-Bike
Hurley Hybrid-Bicycles Amped Single Speed E-Bike
Hurley Hybrid-Bicycles Amped Single Speed E-Bike
Hurley Hybrid-Bicycles Amped Single Speed E-Bike
Hurley Hybrid-Bicycles Amped Single Speed E-Bike
Hurley Hybrid-Bicycles Amped Single Speed E-Bike
Hurley Hybrid-Bicycles Amped Single Speed E-Bike
Hurley Hybrid-Bicycles Amped Single Speed E-Bike

Hurley Hybrid-Bicycles Amped Single Speed E-Bike

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Hurley Hybrid-Bicycles Amped Single Speed E-Bike, Simple to assemble in about an hour. The bike has sleek, stylish lines. The pedal assist is incredibly smooth, and the ride is very comfortable. The throttle option makes climbing hills a pleasure. It's fantastic to have cruise control since you can set it to any speed between 5 and 20 mph.

  • For Height:5'6"-6'2"
  • 36V, 5.2ah Removable Lithium-ion Battery
  • 250W motor
  • 20+ Miles Average Range
  • 20 MPH Top Speed
  • Comes 85% assembled for quick and easy setup

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hurley-hybrid-bicycles-amped-ebike-features1-b hurley-hybrid-bicycles-amped-ebike-features1-m
Heights: 5'6" to 6'2"
Payload capacity: 265 lbs.
20 MPH Top Speed(With Pedalling)
20 Miles Average Range
Single Speed
Amped E-Bike

Ready to get Amped? Not only does this new Hurley single speed bring the stoke, it also brings the speed (up to 20mph), the distance (20 mile range) and the ease of an e-bike (powered with 250 Watt/36 Volt Ride Assist & Throttle). This means you can explore new spots, ride longer, and have more fun.

85% Assembled

85% assembled: Your new Amped comes almost ready to roll with all included tools in the box. Plan for 1-2 hours of assembly and safety checks before heading out on your first ride. 19" Large frame size fits riders 5’8” to 6'2“.

Lockable Battery

The secure lockable battery pack gets you up to 20 miles range and is easily removed so you can throw it in the bag and top it off while you recharge too.

Keep Control

The bar mounted LCD display lets you customize your ride and check your speed, distance, ride assist, and battery level at a glance. Set your level of ride assist, or just go full throttle and rip!


Bright Headlamp

The integrated LED headlamp keeps you in a straight line after the sun goes down, and alloy V-brakes offer plenty of stopping power.


Single Speed Drivetrain

The single speed drive hub provides a low maintenance and clean design, and CST City Parkour tires are built to handle whatever your streets throw at it.

Bike Type Electric Bike, City Bike
Age Range (Description) ,Adult
Model ‎HE-2-NV
Max Supported Weight
120kg (265 LBS)
Frame Material ‎Alloy Steel
Number of Speeds 1
Wheel Size ‎27 Inches
Suspension Type Rigid
Special Feature Digital Display, Odometer, Rechargeable
Brake Style Caliper
Item Weight ‎20 Kilograms
Max Speed
20mph (with Pedalling)
Range 20 Miles
36V, 250W
36V, 5.2Ah
Recharge Time 3 hours
42V 2A
LCD Screen
Assist System
Pedal assist and Throttle
Standover Height 30”
Max Seat Height 32”
Min Seat Height 27”
Special Feature Digital Display, Odometer, Rechargeable
Wheel Material Alloy
Fits Size 5'6" to 6'2"
Included Components Kickstand, Tool Kit
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H ‎55.75 x 30.25 x 10.3 inches
Package Weight ‎23 Kilograms

  • 1. Amped eBike
  • 2. Pedal
  • 3. Battery Charger
  • 4. Installation Tools

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Logan Caudill
Awesome bike.

This bike is awesome!!!!! So happy that I picked the Hurley. I’ve ridden other bikes and this just feels like it’s made well and I am thrilled with my bike.Extremely happy with this product.

Becky Bruza
Are you handy? Are you a bike nerd? KEEP READING...

This bike is a fantastic value for the money IF you have some bike maintenance skills. My bike came with the front wheel bearing cones so tight that the wheel wouldn't spin freely, a simple fix if you have the tools and knowledge. The headset was also a little loose, another easy fix with the right tools & know-how. Otherwise, the rims were true and the brake were good to go right out of the box. This bike is very easy to service with no proprietary or specialty parts other than the e-bike stuff. I bought this bike for my wife and her first ride on it was a 15-mile bike path (some gravel) trip. She rode for a little over 2 hours medium to full throttle and still had 2 battery bars left. Someone in another review complained that the battery only lasted 4 hours... that is a looong time for a small battery. It is more than enough for a day of leisurely bike riding. We are thrilled with the quality for the money on this bike which includes fenders and a front light (on the step-through model) and would definitely buy another one.

Joshua Bingham
Wow, what a great bike!

Let's first talk about what this product is, at least in my opinion: A Minimum Viable Product.Minimum Viable Products don't have fancy features or doodads. They do precisely what they are supposed to do, simply, and dependably. That's what this bike is, and in that light, my criticisms are pretty light. Value is exceedingly good on this bike. Note that I've added a rack to the back of mine.The Good: The electric drive-train has PLENTY of power. Seeing 500W bikes on the market, I was afraid I was getting something too weak, but that is definitely not the case. 20 MPH operation is pretty easy in the higher assist modes, and 17 mph is easy in the lower assist modes, in an upright riding position, for a low-fitness, overweight person. Packaging was great, everything arrived, and assembly was fairly straightforward (tools are included except for the recommended torque wrench). The tires have confident grip on the pavement, even on wet pavement, and the fenders keep water off the rider for the odd puddle. Five assist levels plus the hand throttle makes for lots of options. Finally, the manual is surprisingly good for advising on maintenance (if it is a little generic for assembly).The Bad: The big things are things I don't think this bike was ever designed for anyway. First, the battery is small-ish at only 36V 5 Ah. That means the bike has 43 minutes of no-pedal operation. It's hard to know exactly what your power usage is, so you might effectively double or triple that. Considering the price of batteries, versus the bike itself, I think this is just something to be aware of going in, not a deal breaker. For more range, you either need another bike or more batteries. Second, the bike is fairly heavy! I really notice versus my aluminum frame bike of about the same configuration. Considering this plus the additional speed of the bike when in e-Bike modes, the V-brakes are sufficient but not ample. Third, this bike is not really for short folk, despite claiming to fit people who are 5'4". Measure your inseam: less than 19" you will need a different seat tube. If you need a different seat tube, you might not be able to add a rear cargo rack that attaches to the tube. Fourth, the handles and seat feel a little cheap.Misc: I had to remove the thin washers for the front V-Brake to be properly spaced, otherwise it rubbed. The electronics say hold 3 seconds to start, but for me, it was more like 10 seconds for the first start. The charger is roughly the size of an old laptop charger (or gaming laptop charger) and outputs 84 W, so expect 2+ hours to charge from empty. You have to lock the battery for it to stay in the holder. The box claims max rider weight of 265 lbs. The cables at the front are a bit long, which I think is mainly to make it easier to ship with them pre-attached. My kickstand was too long to function at all until I inflated the tires.

Jennifer Williams
incredible bike

Absolutely incredible bike for the price. Immediately ordered a 2nd one today from Hurley (just as soon as I assembled it and took it out for initial test ride/cruise). The throttle is real responsive- jumps up to 20mph pretty quickly. Cruise control (you can set it on any speed between 5mph and 20mph) is awesome.*definitely consider buying/wearing a helmet because 20mph is MOVING on a bike*it comes mostly assembled BUT you might consider having a 2nd set of hands nearby to get it completely put together

Danny Kirby
Great bike!

Fast delivery - bike arrived one day prior to expected delivery date via UPS.Easy assembly in less than an hour (even came with toolkit with all tools required for assembling).Bike has sleek, clean lines and beautiful blue paint.Rides real comfortable and pedal assist is amazingly smooth.The throttle feature makes it a breeze going up hills.Best of all - wife loves it!