H-Racer Hoverboard 8-5-off-road-lambo-hoverboard-for-adult-and-kids-self-balancing-scooter
H-Racer Hoverboard 8-5-off-road-lambo-hoverboard-for-adult-and-kids-self-balancing-scooter
H-Racer Hoverboard
8.5" Off Road Hoverboard H-racer for Adult and Kids Self Balancing Scooter
8.5" Off Road Hoverboard H-racer for Adult and Kids Self Balancing Scooter - Yellow
8.5" Off Road Hoverboard H-racer for Adult and Kids Self Balancing Scooter - Carbon Fiber
8.5" Off Road Hoverboard H-racer for Adult and Kids Self Balancing Scooter - Orange
8.5" Off Road Hoverboard H-racer for Adult and Kids Self Balancing Scooter - Black

H-Racer Hoverboard

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A Passion For Performance

The H-Racer hoverboard achieves new levels of performance and refinement. It was re-designed in areas such as Durability, motor power, and lights to achieve maximum performance.

  ● Build-in Bluetooth speakers

  ● Unique Lambo style rims with 8.5" all-terrain hoverboard

  ● 36 V, 4.0 AH  Lithium-ion Battery

  ● App control

  ● UL 2272 Certified


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A passion for performance

TheH-Racerhoverboard achieves new levels of performance and refinement. It was re-disigned in areas such as Durability, motor power and lights to achieve Maximum performance.


The hoverboard comes equipped withUL 2271Certified Firesafe batteries and fire-retardant casing so you can charge and ride worry-free.


TheDual 300 watt motorscoupled with8.5” rugged, High-grip tires for all conditions, like sand, grass, or other rough surfaces. It takes your off-road experience to the next level.

Most Powerful & Fast

With a top speed of10 mph, get where you need to be super fast on theH-Racer. To cross any terrain easily, whether on Sand, Grave road, or grass.

Lambo style Design

Lambo style rims, Lambo-likepainting finish and Emulated Car Racing sounds. Joining the racing now!

What do customers mostly want to know about H-Racer Hoverboard?

H-racer off road hoverboard provides stronger electric power with speeds reaching up to 9.3 MPH.

The item weight is about 18kg (40 lbs).

 Color (Optional) Black, Carbon fiber, Red, Yellow
 Maximum Uphill Limit /Inclination  15 °
 Maximum Speed  15km/h(9.3mph)
 Autonomy  15km/9.3miles
 Maximum Capacity  120kg(264 lbs)
 Charging Time  3.5 hours
 Speeds Level  Three (3) selective speed modes
 Weight  18kg (40 lbs)
 Dimensions  67x22x24 cm / 26.4*8.7*9.6 inch
 Engine  Double 400w / Double independent gyros
 Lithium-ion Battery  36V, 4.0AH
 Alloy Wheel  YES
 App control  YES
 Application Name  GLYBOARD CORSE
 Bluetooth Speaker  YES
 UL 2272 Certified  YES
 UL Charger  Input:100-240V,50/60Hz,3A, Output: 42V,1.5A

    1 x 8.5" Hoverboard

    1 x UL Certified Charger

    1 x User Manual

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews

    100%love it like a lambo

    Yvonne schneider, Schneider
    This well-built hoverboard is a lot of fun

    I got this for my 10-year-old, but it still worked for my much larger frame. Even with my 190 lb girth, it went fast enough for my tastes. I also have a terrible sense of balance, but I got the hang of it. The standing surface is sufficiently grippy that I never slipped off. The steering is highly sensitive to the slightest movements, and it quickly becomes intuitive.Upon first trying the hoverboard, it beeped constantly. I thought it was defective but soon found out that the balance system does not like driving on carpets (certainly not the intended or normal use case). When I rode it on hard surfaces, it did just fine.The hoverboard comes in sleek packaging, and the instructions are clear. Calibration is quick. The only issue I found was that the rubber plug for the charging port does not stay in well. This issue should not be a big concern unless you are riding on wet surfaces which might splash water into the port.The build quality looks great, and the lights on the wheels are a fun bonus for the younger crowd. Overall this Jetson Zone hoverboard is a lot of fun to ride, and I am excited to gift it to my daughter.

    Michael Farmer
    Easy Peasy

    I'm reviewing this by watching my grandchildren master it. None of them had ever been on a hooverboard before this one. It took all of 15-20 minutes to master it (if that long). They were just riding it up and down the sidewalk with ease. They were stopping, starting, turning as well as spinning. Their ride seemed pretty effortless. The ride also seemed smooth. Wheels function smoothly as well. It also looks good and very sleek in design. Of course the light up wheels are super cool at night. My grandchildren are 7 and 8 so they have a while to hit the weight limit so they wood max the speed while riding it too.

    Noah Colvin
    Works well

    My son loves this. It charges in about 5 hours. It has a long run time. It says that it can go up to 7 miles on one charge but we haven't tested that. He charges it at night so it's ready to go the next day. The tires are all terrain. It will work in short grass. It will not go over small sticks or rocks so the all-terrain does have limitations.

    Mario Origaen
    Fun Way To Travel

    This is not our first hoverboard�Dthe first one we ordered was a different brand and lots of fun, but short-lived. We thought we’d try again, and so far we’ve had no problems with this Jetson Zone All-Terrain model. Since the principal rider is nine years old, we also ordered a buggy attachment. That accessory turns this hover board into a lower-riding go-kart, and gives kids more control through hand operation.Preparing the board is simple, and consists of simply unpacking and plugging in the charger for several hours (about five). Our nine year old loves riding on this, and as it turns out, so does everyone else in the family, regardless of age. Weight capacity for the board is 220lbs; the buggy seat supposedly accommodates that much as well, but we’ve only tested it to 150 lbs. with good results.As with most hoverboards, temperature affects movement and battery life�DJetson recommends riding, storing and charging this model at temps above 50°F. Best riding surfaces are flat, even pavement. The manual cautions against operating near water (puddles, mud), sand, stones, gravel, etc. or riding over objects greater than ?”. As tempting as it is to just hop on and take off on a hoverboard, reading the manual first should take top priority. We’re having lots of fun with this, and hope it lasts longer than our first one did. There is an included one-year limited warranty.