36V Electric 4-Wheeler ATV Hyper Quad for Kids and Teens up to 165 lbs
36V Electric 4-Wheeler ATV Hyper Quad for Kids and Teens up to 165 lbs
Electric 4-Wheeler ATV for Kids Teens | Hyper Quad - Enjoy riding fun
Electric 4-Wheeler ATV for Kids Teens | Hyper Quad - Enjoy outdoors fun
Electric 4-Wheeler ATV for Kids Teens | Hyper Quad  - Gift for Girls
36V Electric 4-Wheeler ATV Hyper Quad for Kids and Teens up to 165 lbs
Electric 4-Wheeler ATV for Kids Teens | Hyper Quad
Electric 4-Wheeler ATV for Kids Teens | Hyper Quad - front
Electric 4-Wheeler ATV for Kids Teens | Hyper Quad
Electric 4-Wheeler ATV for Kids Teens | Hyper Quad
Electric 4-Wheeler ATV for Kids Teens | Hyper Quad - Colorful LED lights
Electric 4-Wheeler ATV for Kids Teens | Hyper Quad - handlerbar
Electric 4-Wheeler ATV for Kids Teens | Hyper Quad - Package List
Electric 4-Wheeler ATV for Kids Teens | Hyper Quad - White
Electric 4-Wheeler ATV for Kids Teens | Hyper Quad - White - Front
Electric 4-Wheeler ATV for Kids Teens | Hyper Quad - White - Side
Electric 4-Wheeler ATV for Kids Teens | Hyper Quad - White - Side
Electric 4-Wheeler ATV for Kids Teens | Hyper Quad - White - Side

Electric 4-Wheeler ATV for Kids Teens | Hyper Quad

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Hyper Quad Dirt ATV 36V Electric 4-Wheeler for kids and Teens up to 165 Lbs.

  • Designed to conquer rough off-road landscapes, this high-performance dirt quad is the ideal upgrade in size and adventure for seasoned riders.
  • This product can reach a maximum speed of 10 MPH and is suitable for riders aged 12 years and above, with a weight limit of 165 lbs.
  • Experience powerful performance with this product's 350-watt motor that features a high-torque internal/integral gear set and a self-adjusting chain-driven mechanism.
  • This product features a 36V, 5.2AH Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that provides up to 60 minutes of continuous use.
  • Equipped with twist-grip throttle control, rear disc brake, front brush bar, adjustable riser handlebars, rear suspension, and soft rubber grips, this product delivers excellent control, comfort and performance.
  • With its authentic moto-styling, larger frame, and high-torque motor, this product is an ideal upgrade for older riders seeking a bigger and more adventurous experience.
  • Bluetooth speaker & App
  • Colorful LED lights sync music
  • 4 x 13-inch Tires
  • Speed Mode: Normal and Sports modes. Set Kids mode via App.
  • Reversing Mode

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Payload Capacity: 165 lbs.
10 MPH Top Speed
10 Miles Average Range
3 Modes: Normal, Sports and Reversing.
36V, 5.2AH Lithium-ion Battery
1 Hour Max Running Time
hyper-quad-electric-4-wheeler-ride-on-car-kids-atv-made-for-off-road hyper-quad-electric-4-wheeler-ride-on-car-kids-atv-made-for-off-road
Outdoor Ride-on 4 wheeler ATV. For kids.

Safety is the top priority for the Hyper Quad with features like heavy-duty handlebar clamps to secure the steering while riding, and large 13" air-filled rubber tires/wheels for increased stability. Additionally, parents can activate the Kids mode via the app, which limits the top speed to 3.1mph, providing peace of mind that children won't be riding too fast and putting themselves at risk of falls.

Ride for an hour. Not just 15 minutes.

This kids electric 4-wheeler ride on ATV is equipped with a 36V 350W strong motor, which can provide constant and stable power in any conditions. The 36V 5.2A Li-ion battery can provide up to 60 minutes of driving time under normal conditions.

Made for Off-road.

Hyper Quad is designed to tackle challenging terrains and rough surfaces with its high-torque, gear reduction motor that boosts off-road drive traction.

350W Powerful Motor

Let your child have a blast on grassy fields or hilly terrains with the robust 350W motor of this product.

Hyper dirt quad with colorful LED lights
Colorful LED Lights for Your Stylish Ride.

Choose from five fashionable LED color options and ride around your neighborhood with the Hyper Quad.

Bluetooth & App

Enjoy your favorite tunes with Bluetooth speaker. Setting Max speed, speed modes, and colorful LED lights via APP.


Adjustable Riser Handlebar

The heavy-duty handlebar clamps to secure the steering while riding.


LED Battery Indicator

The LED power button functions both as a power switch and a battery indicator.


13" Pneumatic Knobby Tires

13" Pneumatic Knobby Tires provide better traction, better stability.

Colorful LED Lights

Five fashionable LED color options, you can set the LED lights via HYPER GOGO APP.


Rear Disc Brake

The disc brake with left handle-bar hand brake help your rider stop quickly.

Rear Suspension

Shock suspension makes it less bumpy and it is less likely your child can fall.

What do customers mostly want to know about the Hyper Quad?

Brand Name ‎HYPER GOGO
Model ‎Hyper Quad
Recommended Age ‎12+
Max Speed ‎16 km/h, 10MPH
Max Range ‎16km / 10 Miles
Max Rider Weight ‎75 Kgs / 165lbs
Speed Modes ‎2 Levels (1,2)
Maximum 5 MPH (1 - Forward)
Maximum 10 MPH (2 - Forward)
Reverse ‎Yes
Battery ‎Li-ion 18650 37V/5.2A
Motor ‎36V 350W Bruched
Run Time ‎Up to 60 minutes (Depending on Riders Weight and Road Conditions)
Charger Output ‎DC 42V/1.5A
Charging Time ‎5 Hours
Tires ‎13" Pneumatic
Brakes ‎Rear Disc
Seat Height ‎23" (59cm)
App Function ‎Change the light modes via App.
Change the ATV working modes by App.
Set the initial speed of ATV: Kids mode: Max. 3.1MPH, Normal mode: Max.5MPH, Sports mode: Max.10MPH.
Item Weight ‎38Kgs / 83.7 Lbs
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎‎1180 x 634 x 765 mm / 44 x 24.5 x 30.1 inches

  • Hyper Quad
  • Battery charger
  • 4 ATV Stickers
  • User manual

1. What is the range and battery life of the electric ATV?

Max range: 16Km/10Miles. It can last up to an hour at normal riding. Actually, the riding time according to the rider's weight, speed and road conditions.

2. How long does it take to charge the electric ATV battery?

5 hours

3. What is the top speed of the electric ATV?

16Km/h, 10mph

4. Can you adjust the max speed for a child learning to ride?

Yes. You can set the the kids mode from HYPER GOGO APP. The max speed of kids mode is 3.1MPH.

5. Do you have to assemble it ?

Yes. You need to assemble the two front tires. Please watch the assemble video below: how to assemble Hyper Quad the 36V Electric 4-Wheeler ATV.

6. When the Quad is turned off and you are trying to get it out of your garage, will the wheels roll to help the process??

Yes, the wheels will still roll when the Quad is turned off so you can move the unit.

7. Can you ride the Hyper Quad ATV in the snow?

This Hyper Quad ATV is not designed for wet or icy riding conditions. Do not ride Hyper Quad in wet or icy weather and never immerse the electric four wheeler in water, as the electrical and drive components could be damaged by water or create other possible unsafe conditions.

8. Can the battery be replaced or upgraded?

Yes. The battery can be replaced.

9. What are the specific dimensions of the box? I'm trying to figure out if it will fit into my vehicle.

Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 44 x 24.5 x 30.1 inches.
It would fit in an SUV.

10. Are there any financing or leasing options available for electric ATVs?

Yes. Play with Klarna. 4 interest-free payments.

What Our Customers say

Better Than Tesla ATV? - Hyper GOGO Hyper Quad Electric 4 Wheeler ATV

An exciting outdoor adventure for kids!

Hyper GoGo - Hyper Quad - 36 VDC 350 Watt Electric Kids ATV

We really like the Hyper Quad and our kids really love it!

Hyper Quad Electric 4-wheeler ATV for Kids

Ride for an hour. Not just 15 minutes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mark Hansen
Awesome quad and company!

Picked up this quad and my son can’t get enough of it. We are riding all over with me following on an electric bike. Fantastic product, great battery life, and creating memories we will all remember! Also-customer service has been right there with a few questions I had as well! We will be buying more from this company!

Jennifer Collins
Needs assembly!

Not sure why I figured this would come already to put together, but it does need some assembly. It's amazing though, super cute for a young teen. Looks just like the ones for adults and has a moderate speed. The black looks very sleek and cool.

Benjamin Lohle
Impressive little ATV

This is a very impressive unit. It does have some minor issues, which I'll talk about, but lets start at the beginning:
This shipped in a well laid out heavy cardboard box with built in handles. It made for easy carrying to the porch or indoors (which I did) for assembly. I have to admit, I opened the top, and thought I had just recieved a PowerWheels ATV because of the way it is set up for shipping. I soon saw otherwise.
The instructions (as seen in the photos) are clear and concise. This was not one of those 'put it in Google Translate' manuals. The instructions were easy to follow, and I had this assembled in under an hour with minimal assistance. YMMV, as I also do all of our own Auto repair, so I have a decent grasp on things.

There are plenty of safety warnings as well (note the photo of the large zip tie with a warning label). All the parts were very easy to identify, and again, assembly was easy.

Once assembled, we left it charging overnight. The indicator on the charger does just as advertised...it turns red to indicate charging, and turns green when it is fully charged.

One of the things that we love most about this is the app. Scan the QR code, and your particular one will be available. You'll connect via Bluetooth, and that gives you access to a speaker. I can neither confirm no deny that I played "Life is a Highway" when I first showed it to my kids ;-). The app gives you a charge indicator, allows you to turn the lights on and off (battery savings), and control the speed. The age level/speed control is the weak point of this unit. If you change it to beginner or intermediate, the ATV barely moves, even when changed to max speed (1.5 mph for beginner, 5mph for intermediate). I've tried several ways to make that work better, but the only way to get this ATV to run in a decent manner is to leave it on Advanced mode. The max speed is 10MPH, so you're pretty safe IMO. That brings up the 2nd weak spot though - if you have an inexperienced rider and they take a 10MPH hard turn, they will roll. This unit is light enough that they'll be okay, especially considering the weight of a conventional ATV of similar size.The only other weak point is spare parts. If you lose a screw or a clevis pin, you're going to have to make a trip to the hardware store.

Charge time is pretty quick, and run time from a full charge is about 2 hours.

Since assembly, it has been in near constant use. We have a small farm, and our kids ride this out to check on all the animals now. It's light enough that I don't worry about compaction. I have kids that are 18 down to 7, and all have ridden it. Obviously, the 18-year-old doesn't ride it other than a test run, but he's under the weight limit. My 14-year-old twins ride it, and the kids younger than that wish that I could replace the battery to have one charging while they ride. I would list that as a design flaw, but you have to give it a rest some time.

All in all, this is a great little ATV. I wish they had one in my size ;-)

Andrea Pedicini
well made

Assembly took 20 minutes all the hardware and tools are included. this little thing has some power it won't pop wheelies but it will get up and go. there is no front suspension but if you let just a bit of air out of the front tires it will help with reducing the bounce of the front end. the rear shock is adjustable. this is a nice little electric 4 wheeler.

The perfect quad for my six year old daughter!

We did not start our daughter of any power wheel type stuff, so when we decided it was time for her to learn, we wanted something that was powerful enough to get her through the dirt in the backyard and we quickly learned a gas powered 110 atv was going to be too much too fast for her. This dirt quad is the most perfect learning quad to get her ready for a 110. This is perfect for teaching her the concepts of the throttle and the brake and taking turn slow, its great! It took her a full weekend to get comfortable and I'm sure by summer she would be ready something bigger.
So far, the battery does well. The first day of consistent riding she did have to take brakes to let it charge, but it was a brake for mommy and daddy too! My husband thought assembly was going to be several hours, he was ready with a full tool kit, and he was done in 30 mins! I don't see it as a negative, it's likely because it's battery powered, the quad has a pretty loud rattling sounds when it's ridden.
Overall, this was a great purchase!