Cash Kart Program 

Share your thoughts on GoKart and you can earn up to $40 back!



- Leave a review on the platform you purchased from.
- Eligible platforms include our website (, Amazon.
- Review must include at least 1 photo and must be at least 20 words minimum.


EARN $20


Tier 1 +
- Share your review, our product listing or website on your social media account.
- Eligible platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit.
- Must be on your main account (Cannot be a fake or new account with little to no followers).

EARN $40


Tier 1+ 2+
- Create a video review of the GoKart and share online.
- Eligible platforms include Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit.
- Must be a public video (Not shared on a private account).
- Video must be at least 1 minute long minimum.


To apply for your cashback you need to send us an email at with:
- Proof of purchase, this can be your order ID Number either from our website or through amazon.
- Evidence of completing one or more of the Tiers listed above. All reviews must be live and public for us to see, and you must share the links in your email to us. Screenshots are not accepted as evidence.
- If you purchased from Amazon, we can only send your cash back through paypal, please provide this in the email too.

Please note:
- Please allow 5-10 working days for us to review and respond to your email.
- Once you receive confirmation that we have accepted your cashback application, please allow 10-15 working days for the money to be sent to your account.
- If we deem your application does not meet our criteria shown in the rules above, we will respond with our reasoning and give you the opportunity to correct or update your evidence as necessary.